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Who Needs LogOnPlus?

If you run a productive application (“target application”) on your workplace PC which requires frequent logons and logoffs, LogOnPlus helps you saving time while increasing your overall security and compliance level at the same time.

What are the main benefits of LogOnPlus?

Other than the plain acceleration of the logon and logoff procedures you gain in aspects of compliance and data protection. LogOnPlus will surely take positive effects on the conformity with regulatory  or law requirements, e.g. GAMP or  the data protection regulation. Your applications will no longer stay unattended with a logged-in user and provide sensitive data or control opportunity anyone passing by.  [Read more].

Does LogOnPlus only work with RFID cards? 

RFID is currently the de-facto standard for wireless identification of goods or persons. The so far existing LogOnPlus Adapter components support many  RFID card and reader types. Nevertheless, using other techniques of automated user identification (e.g. biometric characteristics) are considered for the nearer future. Whichever hardware used, we can do the software to access it and build a new connector quite easily. [Tell us your situation] and we will gladly check how we can help.

My business application is not within the list of  [supported target applications].

Due to the modularity concept, LogOnPlus can be easily adapted to your application by creating a new Connector component. [Get in contact] with us, we’ll check if we can access your business software.

Is LogOnPlus suitable for the pharmaceutical (GxP) environment?

Absolutetly, a secure user authentication is crucial for valid pharmaceutical production processes. In addition, LogOnPlus offers miscellaneous features for the pharmaceutical industry depending on the used target system. E.g. LogOnPlus offers configurable smart logon sessions (SLS) for faster frequent re-logons. LogOnPlus also supports electronic signature when used with Werums PAS-X. Several well-known pharma brands already trust on LogOnPlus.

Which languages are supported?

Currently the user interface and documentation are available in English and German languages. Should you desire any other language, please [contact us].

Which hard- and software is required? 

LogOnPlus is a MS Windows application and works well with average equipped machines with the recent Windows versions. For the full functionality we recommend running it within a network domain environment and connect it to an MS SQL DB server. Please see the [system requirements] section for more information.

What about the licensing and costs? 

Our module and licensing concept makes you pay only for what is required and used. There’s one license file per site containing the information about the purchased software modules (Server, Client, Adapter, Connector) and the  number of maximum installations / concurrent users. The license file is published on the server, only. No actions on the client machines are required for licensing purposes. Thus, enhancing your installation is as easy as replacing a file. As an example, below please find the licensing for the [sample installation scenario] from “system overview”:

  • 1 LOP Server (non-red.): [LOP-SRV]
  • ≤ 10 c.u. LOP Clients: [LOP-CL-10]
  • ≤ 10 c.u. Admitto Adapter Mifare [LOP-ADA-ADMUSB-MF-10]
  • ≤ 10 c.u. Werum PAS-X [LOP-CO-PASX-10]
  • ≤ 10 c.u. Connector SIMATIC Logon [LOP-CO-SIMATIC-10]
  • ≤ 10 c.u. Connector Honeywell Experion [LOP-CO-EPKS-10]

Of course, we can additionally provide you with the required RFID hardware and accessories and also offer on-site or remote setup support. We will be happy to answer [your enquiry].

Does LogOnPlus support virtualization (VMWare, Citrix, etc.) ?

The LogOnPlus Server may run virtually without restrictions.
For the LogOnPlus  client side components we cannot make a general statement as many aspects like the used card reader or the target system structure are to be considered. [Tell us your situation] and we will figure out how to meet your specific virtualization needs.

Is there any redundancy or emergency concept? 

LogOnPlus is generally run along with production or productivity crucial software. That means that any unavailability of the target application will immediately lead to a loss of earns or production. This is why we focus on maximum availability in every aspect and from the first lines of code. The LogOnPlus Server is a Windows background service and supports redundancy with a hot-standby-concept. In this case, another equally configured instance of the LogOnPlus Server service may run on another machine. These instances monitor each other and should one of them fail, the other instance notices and takes over the system control and handles the logon requests. In case of inavailability of the Domain Controller / AD or a single non-redundant LogOnPlus Server, the login of already known (“cached”) users is still possible, similar to the Windows login behaviour.  However, no passwords are stored within LogOnPlus and the transmission of sensitve data is always encrypted.