LogOnPlus is a standard software (COTS) that controls and performs user logons for target applications to reduce logon times while enhancing the overall security and compliance levels.


A target application is the PC application in your productive environment that requires frequent user logon or logoff. In a pharmaceutical production environment this could be a DCS or SCADA system, an HIS in a hospital, a patient management software at a doctor’s or any other computer system handling or holding sensitive data. Theoretically, any system accessible via a software interface (e.g. an API) may be linked with LogOnPlus.


The users identify themselves by using electronic ID media, such as RFID badges and authenticate towards LogOnPlus by providing their standard password. LogOnPlus verifies user name and password before logging in the user into the target application itself.


In many companies RFID badges are already in service for time tracking, payment or access control systems. These existing RFID badges may be used for LogOnPlus as well.


LogOnPlus offers many comfortable functions that shorten the logon time and increase the security and compliance levels at the same time. For instance, users are logged off immediately by simply removing the badge from the reader. LogOnPlus automatically takes care of the rest.


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