The go-to solution for easy operator identification is RFID. Often, RFID badges are already in place and so may be used for LogOnPlus in conjunction with suitable reader devices.

ID Media

The RFID tag type and gemoetry should be chosen in consideration of workplace and enviromental requirements.

RFID tags are available in a broad variety of form factors, such as credit card size, keyfobs or werables (wristbands e.t.c.).

Of course, the RFID standard hast to be chosen with respect to the desired reader device and its supported physics and protocols.

[Contact us] and we will be happy to check, how we can integrate LogOnPlus at your site.

RFID readers

The reader device should be chosen considering:

  • RFID media compatibility
  • Workplace / environmental / ergonomical / hygienical requirements
  • (LogOnPlus compatibility)

At present LogOnPlus supports the below RFID reader devices with a specific LogOnPlus Adapter component. If you already have other readers in service, [get in touch with us] for assistance. We will be pleased to check if they can be used with LogOnPlus. Usually, creating a suitable Adapter for LogOnPlus is not a problem.

phg Admitto A-1200-D (LogOnPlus – Version)

The “Admitto” is the LogOnPlus standard reader device and is manufactured in Germnany by phg – Peter Hengstler GmbH & Co. KG.

It connects to any PC via USB (2.0) and is capable of prcoessing Mifare / DESFire or Legic RFID tags.  If you choose to purchase this reader directly from i.p.a.s.-systeme,  this will offer two advantages:

The reader will be configured ready-to-use for LogOnPlus from factory. In addition, we ship the reader with a stainless steel bracket that services as reader mount and card holder (clamps the RFID tag / badge to reader surface).

This bracket, in combination with a retractable (yo-yo style) belt clip for the badge, establish all the LogOnPlus benefits: The verification of the user’s physical presence makes it possible to log the operator off automatically from the target business application whenever the operator leaves the station by simply removing the badge from the reader.

The Admitto reader is available as front panel mount version (.FPM), table-top version (-TBL) or as “board only” (-EBL) solution for integration into custom housings. You can choose between the configuration for the Legic or the Mifare based 13.56 MHz RFID standards.
[Download technical info sheet.]
[More information on the different Admitto versions.]


STAHL UB03 (LogOnPlus Version)

LogOnPlus supports the multiformat RFID readers certified for ex zones 1, 2, 21, 22 and USB or RS-422 interface by STAHL HMI. The devices are mounted into a rectangular cut-out.
Further technical details are available from the manufacturer’s website.


Interflex IF-72 / IF-73

Interflex USB 13,56 MHz RFID reader types L(A)P72 / 73  (Legic) and MFP72 / 73 (Mifare).